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The process starts when you Subscribe, simply:

  • Enter your details
  • Choose the respective tender Sectors/Sub Sectors you are interested in
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Setting up Your Profile

Our Profiling Team will call you to set up the categories that deliver the most relevant tenders for your business. You can see from the level of detail we go to in our Category System that your profile can be as broad or refined as you want. And it's flexible - if you want to get tenders from a new sector or simply just change it on your profile, our team are on hand to help you.

Receiving Tender Alerts

We email you tender alerts the same day the tenders are published so you're always ahead of your competitors. Here's an Example Alert of what you'll receive. You can also add a second email address at any time to receive tenders.

Using Your tender Control Panel

  • Secure, easy to use Control Panel for members
  • Store tenders of interest in your favourites list
  • Amend and update your profile at any time
  • Search our entire tender database
  • Ask our experts tendering questions

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